Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My 15Euro Stockman Haute Couture mannequin!

How beautiful are vintage mannequins, well kept ones that is. I count myself super lucky to have found not one but 2 affordable vintage mannequins in superb condition in Paris, usually they can fetch up to over a hundred Euros a pop, but I got one for 15Euros and the other 50Euros! My obsession with vintage markets brings me closer each time to finding the perfect one; in budget, shape and condition. One that comes with a workable stand WITH wheels would be purrrfect!

The Stockman in front of the other size 42 as shown in one of the pics is my newly purchased mannequin for only 15Euros. It came with the original standing pole sans legs... thus I'm left with a stick basically, a Stockman stick.

I'm not sure if Stockman is French origin or German as the company is now call Siegel & Stockman... sounds German though it's more of a industry suited to the french. If anyone knows please pop me a comment! What I do know is that the company started in the 19th century by a guy call Fredric Stockman who thought it was possible to standardize the shapes of the human body down to a handful of sizes. Perhaps Siegal bought out Stockman at some stage? If it's at all your cup of tea here's a little about the Siegal & Stockman.

Here's one fun and colorful site selling vintage/vintage inspired mannequins from the UK, some covered with pattern fabric! Click.


  1. Dear Cynthia,

    this is Milo from Italy. We "stole" your Stockman picture and use it here:

    Hope you don't mind.

    Take care.


  2. Hello Milo, If you could place a credit to Minicyn for the picture that would be appreciated AND please ask BEFORE you take NOT after.

  3. Got it. No malicious intent though. Credit placed; better late then never, thanks again.