Friday, 25 February 2011

March 19-20th! 32 Creator's event at Hotel Boheme

Hopefully by then Spring will be upon us for real, and I'd be able to store my winter woolies away for at least a few months as winter in Europe seems to take up 90% of the year. To find out, why don't you pop around to see me and 31 other artists and enjoy some warmth and smile emanating from the handmade atmosphere.

It'll be the first of the quarterly event held by Hotel Boheme at the same location each time in the 2nd arrondisement near the metro 'Bonne Nouvelle'. Without fail one will be tempted in every way possible(trust me!); to adorn yourselves/friends, decorate your home, your kids or nieces/nephews, your husband/boyfriend etc etc. Your presence will show support to small businesses and without handmade our lives will be forever taken over by big shopping centers and big brands making huge unreasonable profits... making our connections with each other less and less humane. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a train or plane ticket and lock in the date!

Below are some of the links of the participants involved:
• Japanese charcoal jewelry!
• Bags ladies!!
• Cold enamel brass jewellery
• Cutesy home deco

Come hither...

Friday, 4 February 2011

Here I've gone and done it

I've just uploaded some samples of my new picture cards here with images of photography around Paris and France taken throughout last year – they'll be up for sale in my shop very soon(but they are now!). Made in standard size business cards with enough space at the back for writing little cheeky notes to send with ones gifts, or punch a hole at the top, loop a ribbon through it and turn it into a book-mark! They're suppose to mimic vintage souvenir cards back in the old days when you can get them in a pack nicely wrapped together. So, I guess this is my attempt to revive 'em. You can still find vintage ones in bric-a-brac stalls, antique markets etc so if you're curious about what they may look like so keep your eyes open. Some avid collectors love 'em just like others do with stamps.

Until then x