Tuesday, 6 December 2011

200 bagues! et 20 créateurs!!

"200 bagues/ 20 créateurs"Jeudi 8 décembre à 18h vernissage en présence des créateurs

5ème édition
du 8 au 23 décembre
ouvert tous les jours
Comme chaque année le mois de décembre est consacré à la création, plus spécifiquement aux bijoux qui peuvent se porter comme un objet significatif, comme un objet d'amour, comme un objet de souvenirs ou tout simplement comme un objet décoratif: la BAGUE.
Pour en découvrir toutes ses formes et couleurs dans lesquelles on peut la détourner, nous vous invitons pendant deux semaines a l'expo-vente "200 bagues/ 20 créateurs".

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Marché de noel!! 30 créateur de Bijoux

!!! Je suis là !!!
Du 30 Novembre au 30 decembre 2011
•   Entrée Libre  •
Galerie Pôle Bijou
13 rue du Port

Hello non-french speakers/readers and jewelery lovers! This is a Christmas jewelery event in the Gallery Pole Bijou lasting just less then a month starting from the 30th of November-30th December 2011. There'll be 30 Creators'(me included!) pieces of a minimum of 15 pieces from each, yeah so get your train or plane tickets ready set go. The Gallery is located in the east of France, in a town call Baccarat – address as noted above.

Anyone interested in reading up further about the Gallery here's their website: www.polebijou.com
peace love and all that sparkle like jewels xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Let Aziyadé light up your winter blues

Heads up on a wickedly colorful exhibition starting on the 24th of November on handmade lampshades by our talented co-atelier Aziyadé! And her long time school friend Sonia–a textile designer who will be showcasing her arty mobiles for little kiddies or kiddies at heart.
It's Aziyadé's first show to the public and hopefully not last of her unique creations using especiially chosen African fabriques that's sure to light up the winter blues. So get organise for the week starting from the 24th November-1st of December. Below are more details written by the lady herself in french for all your french-lovers, and no I ain't gonna translate - but the dates are evident and venue is clear.
Oh! and don't forget to check out Aziyadé's other half's(aka Kuku) music while we're at it...my favourite song by him is The Cure: www.kukulive.com
Bonjour tout le monde.
Mon projet  de luminaire prend forme doucement mais surement. 
J'organise ma 1er expo le 24 novembre - 1 décembre à la galerie: 

46 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac 
75011 Paris
Quand Aziyadé rencontre le Chatz'ailé, c'est l'histoire de deux univers qui se croisent, le temps d'un moment de vie, le temps d'une exposition.

Amies dans la vie, Aziyadé et Sonia ont choisi de mêler leurs envies et leur savoir faire. De cette rencontre, va naitre une série d'objets insolites, reflets de leur personnalité.

Aziyadé a choisi la lumière, et ce qui l'entoure, comme mode d'expression. Designer franco-togolaise, son univers nous invite à l'évasion. Couleurs et graphismes de contrées lointaines entrent dans la maison, révèlent l'africanité qui sommeille en nous ; le voyage peut commencer...

Le terrain de jeu de Sonia s'inscrit d'avantage dans l'univers du rêve, où mobiles et doudous viennent peupler notre intimité. Une étoile porte bonheur près du c½ur, un nuage, des gouttes de pluie, un bestiaire imaginaire...
le Chatz'ailé nous introduit dans un monde léger et onirique, où la couleur vient se mêler à la poésie. J'espère vous voir nombreux au vernissage le 24 novembre à 18h30. 

Ma boutique en ligne est toujours en développement mais tout de même visible sur  www.byaziyade.com
des bises à tous

Monday, 3 October 2011

Expovente! "Hôtel Bohême"... les Samedi 8 et dimanche 9 Octobre

Start your xmas shopping NOW!!
I have to admit I am one of those annoying early shoppers 90% of the time, just because I love to be thoughtful and not buy for the sake of buying – so have I left you feeling guilty now???! Well then come along to the Autumn edition of "Hôtel Bohême" on the weekend of the 8th-9th October, hours are from Midday right through till 8pm. Needless to say there'll be 31 creators for one to drool over...

Be there or be square:

6 Rue Beauregard
Paris 75002
(Metro: Bonne Nouvelle)

Click on this to check out the BLOG for what you may be expecting! www.hotel-boheme.fr

There's a common cash register so just bring your many cards or card...or if you like the french are still very fond of their Cheque books too! Sign awayyyyyy.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Evolution! At the...

...weird, wonderful and the magnificent Museum National d'histoire Naturelle in the Jardin des Plantes! I've written a little more in the Blog before this one. But because I had taken tonnes of pics so why not share them around – of how beautiful the building, all the old wooden displays are etc. For sure you'd feel like you've stepped into a film set!
Check this out though! When you first walk in, only one human "plastic" replica welcomes us, to what is behind him... that is what is below the food chain, thus below us human. We have the power and the intelligence or do we?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A little visit to the Jardin du Luxembourg

Summer is nigh...
Just a few days ago we had a surprise sunny day in Paris, so I hurried myself along with my book for a little lay down under the sun. Could have been my last sun filled day for the next trillion months but I think I took enough in to lasts a month or so.
It's just so encouraging and lovely how these individual green public chairs are dotted in line everywhere for all to seat — though in the past I've witnessed 2 strangers argue(VERY heated) over one at the hype of Summer!! How possessive/precious something can become when there's lack of even when it's not for one's tummy.

This was all in the Jardin du Luxembourg – my favorite garden of all the gardens in Paris the 2nd largest public park in Paris(22.5hect). I have a feeling that the Le Bois de Boulogne is the largest? Anyhow, that's an entirely different kind of Park with a "different" kind of entertainment if you know what I mean.

Have to go! Making Rhubarb jammmm and boiling up some vege stock in the background.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

les vacances...

My bi/tri annual pilgrim to wherever my family may be is where most of my holidays are usually spent! This time in Singapore... besides the flora and fauna which I always look forward to, a little surprise awaits me too – a little new nephew with forever curious eyes!!!  Only cries when he has hunger for mama's milk or beddy bye byes hehe. Ain't he the cutest.

Monday, 30 May 2011

200 rings exhibition starting this week!

The 4th edition of the 200 rings exhibition with 20 creators' rings at your disposal for 14 days starting from the 2nd of June. Come along this Friday on the 3rd of June for the Vernissage/Opening starting from 6pm with drinks and live music to boot. The french tend to start their opening the day AFTER the actual opening of the show... don't ask me why.
Address below:

46, Rue Calvaignac
Paris 75011
(Metro Voltaire)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Handmade happening May 21-22nd 2011!!

My next 'Expovente'(equivalent to an artist/handmade market or happening in Paris! How can one resist?! Grab your train or plane ticket now and come visit me tout de suite. There'll be 30 other makers/designers there to tempt you with hundreds of goodies for all to enjoy.

Here's the address:
6 Rue Beauregard
Paris 75002
Metro Bonne Nouvelle

See you there this weekend !

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tis a season to be Brocante!

April in Paris, four seasons in one day... Did the Crowded House write about it with Melbourne in mind or April in Paris? Nonetheless it seems to apply to us here of late. Anyway, all I care about is that it's the season to be jolly as the bric-a-brac, vintage, antique markets are now popping up in every arrondissement :D.
Here's to last weekend's finds(pic. wise)... no pics of my purchases sorry!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Our weekend

Whilst uploading these pics I'd remembered how my partner and I met almost 6 years ago whilst we were both on vacation, I was in fact one third way through my 6 month 'back packing' experience. We had both done our part of the Pyrenees just prior to meeting; him the French part and I the Spanish/Andorra(which I truly recommend). I guess we were both destined to meet as the chances of our paths crossing in the remote tinee tiny Hendaye train station was one in a million(there was one other person there). Though I must emphasize that it was not love at first sight for either of us, but then again it did only take a week before both our hearts pitter patter for each other.

Point is that we both love an adventure big or small, so most of our weekends no matter where we'd be living would always be filled with explorations of areas, towns, restaurants, cafes, routes etc. We hardly disagree on where to go and what to do.
Anyway, before I rat on and show my age here are some pics of last weekend's little outing to an 'outdoor/nature' expo thus the area surrounds by foot on our way home.

Pictures are of:
• A Swiss (of course)kinetic display at the 'outdoor' expo
• a unexpected stall selling herbs, spices and teas of various awesome mixes from all over the world, found at the expo of all places
• fun and interactive lenticular(I think it's making a comeback) advertising by Nespresso
• a sexy vintage Renault in cream! In bon condition... we both love