Sunday, 13 March 2011

Paris Ceramic Festival 2011

Saturday was such a unusually beautiful day, a hint of Spring appeared willingly greeting the start of the weekend with hope of warmth and some curiosity.  So I thought ok since you've made an effort Mr Sunshine I will! So why not make my way to this year's Ceramic festival 2011, not far from the famous Pere Lachaise.

I'd been to the one last year and was awestruck by some gorgeous work, work that awakens one's goose bumps and wish you could decorate your whole house with and take the artist home with you to have cups of tea with. This year I was surprise to find jewelry work by Violaine Ulmer; jeweller, sculpturist/installation-ist(if there's such a word). I've exhibited with her a few times at the Gallery Goutte de terre though this time I lucky enough to see a much bigger collection as a whole installed with her own signature style of display. I mean... who would've thought to combine silver with porcelaine/clay creating a granulation effect. One day I tell myself, I'm gonna have one of those tasty morsels on my many finger. 

Here are some pictures of her work from the show, and a handful of other ceramicists that I thought you'd enjoy.

Here are links, if not their contact details:
Violaine Ulmer

Benedicte Vallet

Beate Ronnefarth

Caroline Wagenaar

Virginie Preux

Maya Micenmacher

Goutte de Terre

Thank you to all those who have agreed to have their work taken.

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