Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Minicyn Open Studio Vente Noel

Don't miss it!
Minicyn's 'Open Studio Vente de Noel' event is directly from her workshop between 13-21 December, hours are 12pm midday(12h) to 8pm (20h).
Vernissage starts at 6pm (18h), on the 13th of December.

Au 56
56 Rue Labat
75018 Paris

Just a 2 minute walk from Métro Marcadet Poissonniers! Sortie 'Rue Labat', cross the road after you exit and go uphill towards Montmartre.

Joining me are:
ChoseCommune.com - a unique publishing house dedicated to photography books.

philo-k.com - Who's secretly a long time practicing illustrator, though with us she'll be presenting her NEW line of handmade ceramic wares.

Je vais ouvrir mes portes au public pour la première fois, venez voir toutes mes collections et le travail de 2 designers invités locaux:
Chose Commune – Maison d’édition indépendante dédiée aux livres de photographie.
Philo.K – une nouvelle créatrice pour présente son nouveau collection Céramique 'Petra' de pièces uniques et séries limitées.

Achetez vos cadeaux de Noël en sachant d'où ils viennent et qui les a fabriqués!
Hope to see you there!

See you there!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Un Gros ou un Petit Bisou?

Ode to rings and kisses, big or small.

I've learned after living in Paris, France for 7 years now that the french has a number of different words for "kiss," which can be confusing for foreigners. The kind of kiss I'm referring to are the platonic ones exchanged between friends, families, and colleagues. It is an important and ritualistic gesture for all first immediate encounters, even in most workplaces. Note: Not to mention that they have over 40 different kinds of kisses, as Kristoffer Nyrop noted in his book The Kiss and its History. But let's not get sidetracked here!

The most widely used terms are bise and bisou, and while they are both informal with similar meanings and uses, they're not quite the same! Une Bise is a kiss on each side of the cheek as a gesture of friendship, used for hellos or goodbyes between friends or acquaintances. This version is often also used to sign off at the end of a letter and in the expression 'faire la bise'. Whereas Bisou has a more familiar tone, is a warmer, more playful version – referring to a kiss on the cheek or on the lips! Bisous(plural) can say good-bye to a good friends or families as well used to end a conversation on the phone often repetitively to emphasise closeness, love or warmth! Bisou bisou! Gros bisou!

Quickly jumping off to the topic of rings now....how much has the meaning of rings changed today in our community? Did you know that unlike in the medieval period and up until the present in some religion and high-class society that rank was often signified by the wearing of a ring – one would even kiss a person's ring to show submission to authority, quite the contrary to our contemporary setting today! It is thanks to the breakdown of the class system in majority of our population today, we all have the right to; regardless of age or class, own and wear a ring.

I leave you with these 2 thoughts and some pictures of my latest fruition.
Available now at www.minicynbijoux.com

Thank you & bisous a tout le monde x

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Marriage of two fascinations.

Fish Charms have been around for centuries. For the ancient Chinese it's (often of Carp) meant to symbolize persistence and effort in crossing life's barriers.

As a child, I've had fish related jewellery given to me by my mother, and some past down from my grandmother (of Peranakan heritage). They were often either carved out of jade or made of gold, and the ones made of metal can always articulate – I would often bring them out to observe closely on how they were made and the way they could move.

Being a child of the 70's, 'sequin wall art' was something that was omnipresent. It also had the same effect on me where I would be happy to pass my time staring, watching and wondering how they're made when I had the chance.

I guess it's never entirely conscious where my inspiration comes from. But I do tend to analyse it a little once it's finished being a creature of curiosity even of myself, of my own actions and outcomes. The decision to fuse these two fascinations together was never intentional but what a lovely couple they make don't you think!

Find them in my shop, (limited edition collection).
Thank you for passing by :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Newbies for the week!

Here are some pictures of a few new pieces I've created this week!

Friday, 15 April 2016

Minicyn's new atelier/shop/art space in progress...

Latest news! We've just moved into a charming little space in Montmartre, even though renovations are happening still ever so slowly as we're both buried deep in our work here are some sneaky snippet pics of the place. The address will be reveled once we're ready for a 'vernissage'!. In the mean time you're welcome to make an appointment to pick-up or have your finger sized ;)

Sharing the space with the talented and ever so hard-working Interactive Multimedia – Devocite
 My collection of displays and tools, blends in quite well with the walls I must say.

Lovely mosaic floor tiles means kool in Summer and cold in winter.
 Original marble table.
 Lovely mosaic tiled walls as well!
 Lovely old door into my little jewelry bench workshop.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and creative 2016 :)

I greet Minicyn this year as a promise to myself, a new addition to the subtle simple alternative wedding bands... The Laurel Laurier! It's made-to-order in either the humble Sterling silver or any of the 18karat family; White (not plated with Rhodium by default like in the shops to make them look "white" since White gold ain't quite that white), Yellow or Rose gold of your choice.

Nonetheless, on my list of 2016 must-create are more important things such like unique-pieces and a collective of small-series etc etc; working alone with no interruptions, pushing my creative boundaries as much as I can possibly AND having fun at the same time – that could be tricky at first but I can't wait!