Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Marriage of two fascinations.

Fish Charms have been around for centuries. For the ancient Chinese it's (often of Carp) meant to symbolize persistence and effort in crossing life's barriers.

As a child, I've had fish related jewellery given to me by my mother, and some past down from my grandmother (of Peranakan heritage). They were often either carved out of jade or made of gold, and the ones made of metal can always articulate – I would often bring them out to observe closely on how they were made and the way they could move.

Being a child of the 70's, 'sequin wall art' was something that was omnipresent. It also had the same effect on me where I would be happy to pass my time staring, watching and wondering how they're made when I had the chance.

I guess it's never entirely conscious where my inspiration comes from. But I do tend to analyse it a little once it's finished being a creature of curiosity even of myself, of my own actions and outcomes. The decision to fuse these two fascinations together was never intentional but what a lovely couple they make don't you think!

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