Saturday, 13 August 2011

A little visit to the Jardin du Luxembourg

Summer is nigh...
Just a few days ago we had a surprise sunny day in Paris, so I hurried myself along with my book for a little lay down under the sun. Could have been my last sun filled day for the next trillion months but I think I took enough in to lasts a month or so.
It's just so encouraging and lovely how these individual green public chairs are dotted in line everywhere for all to seat — though in the past I've witnessed 2 strangers argue(VERY heated) over one at the hype of Summer!! How possessive/precious something can become when there's lack of even when it's not for one's tummy.

This was all in the Jardin du Luxembourg – my favorite garden of all the gardens in Paris the 2nd largest public park in Paris(22.5hect). I have a feeling that the Le Bois de Boulogne is the largest? Anyhow, that's an entirely different kind of Park with a "different" kind of entertainment if you know what I mean.

Have to go! Making Rhubarb jammmm and boiling up some vege stock in the background.

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