Monday, 10 May 2010

Welcome to Parc de Bagatelle!

On Sunday we decided to get away from the hustle and bustle of Paris in search for everything that encompasses nature;peace, quiet, tranquility, fresh air and space. But we were more than surprised by our search!

I felt so lucky to have stumbled across a second hand guide book about the magnificent gardens of Paris, and was immediately taken by the first page I landed that had beautiful pictures of Parc ou Jardin de Bagatelle on the edge of Paris; not too far to get to by bus... what luck we thought. There were breath-taking pictures of small bridges, water-fall, well manicured flower beds, vegetable gardens, log-like alcove bench etc etc. more than what we were after! And true enough, the real thing is beyond words and my pictures. Even though Jardin du Luxembourg has thus far been one of my top 3 favorite but this is definitely above them all I have to say. Peacocks were the highlight as they were the last thing anyone would've expected.

Here are some pics of my pictures taken on a cloudy day... more on those lovely flowers in my Flickr :)

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