Thursday, 5 August 2010

My Pont Alexandre III where have you been?

I don't know why we had waited that long, but twas just only recently we visited the extravagant historical monument 'Pont Alexandre III' built in the late 19th century... which took I think 3 -4 years to built, ready in time for the then renown Universal Exhibition in 1900 for thousands to admire from around the world, and wow what a sight still today!

For those unfamiliar, it's an arch bridge spanning the Seine named after Tsar Alexandre III Emperor of Russia from the late 19th century ode to the Franco-Russian Alliance 1892. What a breath-taking experience! Though I wish I could have my favorite chair with me there with a freshly brewed cuppa tea to hang out for the afternoon, surrounded by Art Deco in the open air watching boats pass along the Seine whilst blogging too. Wonder if they'd thought about Wifi on pont since there's now Wifi in our local parks!?

If you're a fan of the Art Deco period than this is a must to visit, note that down people. One cannot ignore it's influence from that era by it's exuberant lamps dotted along the bridge in their multitudes which can be seen from afar, figurines characterized by nymphs, cherubs, frogs, winged horses and some gold gilded on parts, just gorgeous. I feel like I've stepped into a set, but forgotten me period costume. Geeshh everything was so well made, and well maintained enough for us to drool all over still. I wish things are made with as much care and quality these days.

What more can I say but enjoy the pics. Oh yeah, the locks! well we've seen a lot of those happenings along other bridges as well, apparently it seals ones love for each other by scribbling your name and yours truly on the lock, THEN locking it on the bridge and throwing the key away. Awwww sick romantic puppies!

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