Wednesday, 7 June 2017

New Stella capsule collection is now available!

You'll find a small series of delicious earrings (and a necklace) as part of my new 'Stella' capsule collection. Available now click here for the entire collection.

The pieces resonate my love for both the old world elegance & clean modern simplicity.
Every piece is handcrafted, from the eco-friendly Sterling solid silver pieces right down to the petite morsels of Mother of Pearl ('Nacre' in French)!

The origins of the MOP are of vintage French gaming coins which I'd hand-sawed, carved & polished specifically for this collection – they've been securely riveted onto the silver sheet where you see the dots are. The silver's surface textures are made from real linen cloth, the results echo the tactility of the far away world some of us once knew.

A limited edition of 2 pairs per design, some unique!

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