Monday, 15 March 2010

Some of my favourites...

Some of my favorites from the Hotel Boheme, last weekend's 30 creator's expo where I also had a stall there :)

I have a new found respect for stall holders after doing this 2 day expo, where we all had to set up stall on preparation for a 2 day sale; with all the talking, looking, bonjour, merci, packing, moving, unpacking, dealing etc etc. gosh it ain't as easy as it looks. One would never consider the weeks or months preparation prior to the sale, working up day and night for a good quantity for presentation. Anticipation and excitement leads to lack of sleep and minor stress. Well, I have to say it worked out fine for me overall in the end; it's been fun, hard-work, interesting and educational. I'll sure do it again.... oh the best part was that I didn't have to photograph or ship anything!! They see, they buy, I pack and they take it away :)

Below are some of my favorites from it and they are not in any particular order:

ESKIMEIT: Japanese/Franco husband and wife (ex architects) team makes Japanese charcoal into funky faceted jewelry which I LOVE furniture to

ASHIBA: French-japanese lady makes little kimonos for your wee ones... oh so adorable!

PIED DE POULE (basically means chicken feet!): modern funky ceramic wares, though at the expo she had brooches as well which you won't find in her


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