Monday, 19 April 2010

It's been a while I know!

Yes.... I've run out of fuel with my 'ring a day' project. Started out with very good intentions but there's more important projects (new!) going on this year.... happy to share but not quite yet!

This weekend was filled with sunshine literally. Paris was shot with an 18-20 degrees of temperature which means plenty of smiles and picnics which we are quite happy to participate as well. We also headed down to my favourite 'Brocante'(like a vintage/antique market) selling every from french antique laces, tools from the 1800's-1900's, furniture, tins, badges, sculptures etc etc, just every collector's dream come true. Tis not too organized nor messy which is the kind of Brocante I love! Get there by metro(Puces de Vanves), it's open every Saturday and Sunday.

Here are some pics of one of my favourite stall selling vintage steel stamps ranging from 80 - 2 Euros. Boahh.... it's all mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Visiting this stall would be worth the trip to Paris . . . what a find!

  2. Oh yeah... trust me there's more than what I can show! I can honestly visit that market every week because the nature of vintage is that they come and go like Spring in Paris!

  3. I love Paris! and I loved these amazing tools!
    wish it was not so far from home...

  4. Fascinant!I 'll have to go to Vanves next time I am in Paris :)