Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Paris brass chains chains chains!

Ohh ahhhh... I've died and gone to heaven! I stumbled across this brass chains and findings shop in a little street in Paris after all these months and months of searching. As you know France isn't all that caught up in having a business related website, especially when it's has been passed down from generations and hadn't obviously suffered much for the need to promote or get with the times. Word of mouth is still very much the way one finds the way.

Here are some pictures of the inside store with it's original fit-outs, except the computer stands out like a sore thumb! Don't you just love the original cashier booth with the mesh bar still standing. Unfortunately, I didn't get to snap a pic of the resident black and white cat, who looks very well fed and very much at ease with strangers. Though I'm still little hesitant.... especially about it's crazy eyes!!

Here are some of my new NON-sterling silver pieces made from the store HERE!


  1. This is a very charming store!!! I wish I could be there. (However, without knowing French, it is hard to walk around... I have to admit) :}

    Love your non sterling collection

  2. Actually it is hard especially in that area if one doesn't speak french... I was once kicked out from a shop close by for not knowing that it was only for wholesale buyers eek! She wasn't too nice about it either :( As if I was going to steal something too!! But there was no sign who was to know??!

    But more french people are speaking English these days. Just aim for a trendy and youthful person if you need help, guarantee they'll speak English OR at least are willing too ;)

  3. aahh!! I want to go there! hopefully next time we try it'll be open...

  4. Yes, I so need some bits and pieces they have... and pat their round cutey of a cat:)

  5. Really cute shop! Where is it located ? i would love to visit it some time !

  6. If you wanna know you'd have to come with me next time ;)

  7. Hello
    Yes, very charming shop!
    I would like to know where it finds this attractive shop, as I don't live in Paris, I do not risk to fall above :/

    Very beautiful creations. I liked the ring dog chasing its own small tail. Very poetic :)

    And if I can help you for whatever, it will be with pleasure. I do not very well speak English but I shall like perfecting!